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The Classy Girl's Guide To Divorce

Welcome to The Classy Girl's Guide to Divorce!


For the bulk of my career I have worked with hundreds of couples, helping them navigate the difficult seasons of relationship and create a more secure and bonded relationship. Over time, some relationships end up breaking up and after personally navigating the divorce process a few years ago, I realized that the process can be difficult, to say the least. As a holistic couples' therapist, I am here for the long haul--dating, premarital, cohabitation, new family, and transitions are all part of every relationship. 


In helping couples, I realized support during a break up transition can be hard to find. Wrestling with identity, awesome co-parenting, saving money during your divorce by managing your emotions, a change in identity--all parts in which we can thrive, not just survive.


While I do not celebrate divorce, nor advocate for it in my practice unless a client comes to me for support in navigating this life transition, like any other difficulty in life, why not navigate it well--leaving the process empowered and supported? We can wrestle with who we are and redefine our path with love, belonging and gratitude. Join me in the journey!


Are you currently navigating or recently been through a divorce? You're in the right space. Are you considering or still struggling with your divorce? This is the space for you. Wrestling with all the emotions, business, and finality of a marriage ending can bring out the crazy in us, no? Let's stay classy and learn together. Stay tuned for free workshops, blogs, tips and encouragement to come through this journey like the wonderful person you are! (Or if you don't know if you are, learn how to be one with me!)

Click on the "Blog" section of this website and begin your journey today!

I work with men & women, as well as couples contemplating divorce, currently navigating divorce, or those who need post divorce support--no matter how long ago your divorce occurred. 

With much respect for your courage in being here,


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